Saturday, November 24, 2007

Episode 2, for Againz

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Artist / Song / Album

From Bubblegum to Sky / Operation Big Beat / Nothing Sadder Than Lonely Queen
From Bubblegum to Sky / Hello Hello Hi / Me & Amy & The Two French Boys
The Shapes / Overflow / The Shapes
Olivia Greer / The Park / Four Songs
Essie Jain / Disgrace / Demo
Lexi Street / Trigger Finger / the girl I used to be
The Belles / NSA Magnet Remix / NSA Single UK

Friday, November 16, 2007

Repeating Episode 1

Direct Download Here: Pirate AK Episode 1
Freaking Subscription (if you dare) Here:

Damn you all. here are the links. screw the show notes. go buy some music.

Isabella -
Skeleton Key -
Goods -
Streetlight Flicker Flicker -
Little Round Mirrors -

Buncha losers, the lot of ya. Go start yer own damn podcast. Don't share this one.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The All New, All PIrate AK Podcast

Yeah, we're back. And you better be glad. Or we'll come to your house and cut yer throats. This podcast isn't about stupid jibberjabber. Just pure pirated music. Arr.

Ok, ok, it's not pirated, but it's indie music. Music you can't hear on the damned radio. At least, not in Alaska.

So, listen up, ye lubbers. Subscribe to the 'cast, and we'll keep ya informed. Arr.